About Us

Wines and Spirits Academy (WASA) is an online education platform that specialises in making wine and spirits education, accessible on a global scale. From professionals in the food and beverage industry to every other wine enthusiast, WASA brings a platform that gives each user an insight into the world of wines and spirits.

Our courses have been carefully curated to ensure that you get relevant and authentic information. We have partnered with renowned names in the industry in order to provide you access to their vast knowledge and years of experience and expertise in this field.

We facilitate this learning process while striving to build a global community where you can learn from the very best in the industry from the comfort of your location. Through our association with many regional wines and spirits organisations we strive to offer a wide range of programmes in thisfield that cater to your specific request.


WASA will make Wine, Spirits and Beer education more approachable, accessible and affordable.

The WASA program has been designed for a wide ranging audience – professionals to students to enthusiasts – and will give unique insights.

WASA strives to build a powerful community of graduates around the world, and will leverage its first-mover advantage to be the leading on-line platform for education in Wines, Spirits and Beer.



Our aim is to make wine and spirits education affordable. Our partner institutions across the world have supported us to create a platform that is affordable and of high quality.


The design and pattern of all our courses have been structured keeping in mind the users. We work hard every day to make the interface user friendly and enjoyable.


We want to break down the barriers for access to knowledge. Learning shouldn’t be restricted by your location, but should be brought to your location. Come aboard WASA and we will bring the best of the world of wine and spirits right to your computer screens.

Industry endorsement

All our online courses come with a certification. Associate courses are certified by the regional associations themselves. Your endorsement comes from some of the most prominent names and institutions in the industry!

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Get certification courses by renowned associations and professionals from across the world.

MOOC’s for wines and spirits education

Upon registering for the WASA course you will get access to all the other advanced/ specialised courses offered by our partner institutions.

WASA Course

This course is your guide into the world of wine and spirits. It covers a range of topics and is carefully structured to give you a holistic understanding and insight into the composition, production and various other processes of wine and spirits.

The course material is interactive and easy to browse through, for both professionals and amateurs alike.

The course is broadly divided into three different segments: Wines, Spirits and Beer.

Wines: This section covers fundamental concepts like composition of wine, vineyard cycle, important grape varieties, winemaking and the production of wine across different regions of the world.

Spirits: This section of the course provides information about various spirits including whiskey, rum, vodka, liqueur and tequila as well as the intricacies of distillation process.

Beers: This section gives a basic overview into the ingredients and various kinds of beers.


Wines & Spirits Academy (WASA) Certificate Course

  • You will receive a certificate upon passing the criteria set by WASA for its Certificate Course.
  • This certificate will have the embossment of its board of advisors who are some of the most well recognised and established names in their respective fields within the industry.
  • Apart from this, our courses bring accreditation from regional wine and spirits associations.

Associate Certificate Programme

  • Every individual supporter/ partner/ associate of WASA will be given a special space to offer their certification programme that will be delivered via the WASA platform.
  • The certificate will be given to those users who will complete the Certificate Programme after passing the set criteria established by the partnering body.
  • The certificate will be issued by WASA on behalf of the individual associations/ partner.