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Lesson Highlights

What Is Wine?

After telling you what wine is, this online course teaches you the different ways it can be made in and the colours you can come across, WASA breaks down the different components responsible for complex flavour notes you find while tasting a glass of wine.


From the vineyard to the bottle, trace the grape's journey from being picked, de-stemmed, pressed, crushed, fermented and aged. There are lots of processes in between too!


You may have heard the terms Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay been thrown around. These are actually grape varieties. WASA zeroes in on which grapes are grown where, the climates they thrive in, what kind of wines they create and the distinct tastes they have. A gateway to other regional varieties that you will study in our partner courses


This chapter is broadly divided into two: Old World countries and New World countries; these are the countries where winemaking originated and the countries where winemaking began much later, usually after colonisation, respectively. Get an in-depth understanding of the wines from all of these countries. Germany, Italy, Chile, USA - they're all here.

Wine Faults

Winemaking is a complex process which involves several steps. Things can go wrong at any point and on the rare occasion, they do. Fortunately for you, WASA is telling you how to tell if your wine is a little off.


The basics of whisky and scotch, the difference between Irish and Japanese whisky and more.


It's made out of potatoes! Learn how this Russian spirit took over the world.


Gin was initially used as a medicine. Today it's the national drink of the UK. How is it made, where is it made and what should you drink it with?


Everyone has a tequila story but it's time you heard tequila's own story.


Once a favourite with the pirates, this sugarcane-based spirit is produced all across the globe.

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