With the aim to offer Users the best service possible, a number of personal details are needed.

Please be informed that the personal data provided on the present Website or by email will be included in a file, property of the Owner. The rights of access, modification, cancellation and objection may be exercised by the User by sending a copy of his/her identification document by post to the following mailing address: 6F Vandhana Building, Tolstoy Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001 ,  indicating “Data Protection” as the subject matter.

Users that sign up to receive our Newsletter expressly consent to receive notifications with the aim of providing and offering the Owner´s services and processing them, as well as to send the User information and advertising of offers, promotions and recommendations that are believed to be of interest to the User, including any type of service provided at present or in the future. The User may, at any time, object to receiving publicity by sending an email to from the same email account the publicity was sent to.

1. Free-text Fields

The free-text fields that may appear on the forms of our website and made available to our Users are solely and exclusively for the submission of information used to improve the quality of our Services.
The User shall not enter on the Website´s spaces provided as “free-text fields” any personal information that may qualify as personal data requiring medium to high protection levels, these being understood as, including and not limited to, any details regarding the User´s economic or financial situation, psychological profile, ideology, religion, beliefs, trade union membership, health, race and/or sexual orientation.

2. Non-compulsory Fields

Mandatory fields are marked by the Owner with an asterisk (*), while all other unmarked fields are of a non-compulsory nature. However, not completing these fields may prevent the Owner from fully providing Services related to those details and the Owner shall not be held liable for not providing Services or for incomplete Service-provision.

3. Access to and Modification of Personal Details

The User agrees to provide accurate information regarding his/her personal data and to maintain these details provided to the Owner continuously up-to-date. The User shall be responsible, at all times, for the accuracy of the details provided and the Owner reserves the right to exclude any User who has provided false details from their registered services, without prejudice to taking other legal actions applicable in Law. The details provided by the User are presumed to be correct, and therefore, when incorrect information has been sent by the User, the Owner shall not be held responsible for incomplete rendering of services, non-delivery of orders or the incorrect completion of necessary administrative procedures.

4. Handling of Personal Data

In order to manage our services, User data may, on occasion, be handled by companies that provide services to the Owner such as delivery, courier, accounting, consultancy, IT and computer maintenance or any other service provider which, as Data Handling Managers, requires access or handling of said data. This data handling shall in no case be considered data transfer or disclosure.
The Owner will not, under any circumstance, disclose your data to third parties.

5. Confidentiality

Furthermore, any exchange of information between the parties agreed to be of a confidential nature or which simply refers to the content of said information, shall also be considered confidential. Viewing the details via internet does not imply direct access to the same, without the express consent of the owner on each occasion.

6. Photographs

This is to inform you that photographs may appear on the Website with images of workers, collaborators, participants in activities, etc. either taken by the Owner or voluntarily released to the Owner for promotional purposes. If, under any circumstance, any person who appears in a photograph does not wish for it to appear on the Website, we kindly request that he/she contact us and the photograph will be deleted as soon as possible.


1. Definition and purpose of cookies.

A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto the User´s terminal when accessing certain websites. Cookies allow the website to, among other things, store and recover information about the browsing habits of the User or device and, depending on the information contained and the way in which the device is used, may be used to recognise the User.

2. Types of cookies that may be used by this Website

First Party Cookies: Cookies that are sent to the User´s computer terminal or device from a domain managed by the Owner and from which services requested by the User are provided.

Third Party Cookies: Cookies that are sent to the User´s computer terminal or device from a domain not managed by the Owner, but rather by another entity that handles the data gathered by the cookies.

Session Cookies: Cookies designed to gather and store data during the session in which a User is connected to a website.

Persistent Cookies: Cookies that store data on the computer terminal or device for a longer period of time and can be accessed and handled for a given period of time (ranging from various minutes to years) by the cookie manager. 

Analysis Cookies: These are cookies that can be handled by the Owner or by third parties, and are used to quantify the number of Users and carry out statistical measurements and analyses on how Users make use of services provided on a given website. Browsing habits are analysed in order to improve the products and services that are offered.

3. Revocation and elimination of cookies.

The User may enable, disable, block or eliminate cookies installed on his/her terminal or device by adjusting the settings for browsing options. If the User does not allow cookies to be installed on his/her browser, some of the Website sections may not be accessible. Information about how to adjust cookie settings on your browser can be found by clicking on the following links (links valid at the time of publication of this text).

For more information about how to block the use of cookies when using Explorer, click here.  

For more information about how to block the use of cookies when using Chrome, click here. 

For more information about how to block the use of cookies when using Firefox, click here. 

For more information about how to block the use of cookies when using Safari, click here. 

The Owner shall not be held responsible for the content or veracity of third party privacy policies published on the links included in the present Legal Notice.

4. Third Party Service Provision

The following chart indicates the third party service providers for this Website that rely upon the use of cookies:

Google Analytics

Web analysis

Statistics on Website visits 


Social Interaction

Addthis allows the Website to be shared on social media such as Google +, Facebook, etc 

Twitter Button

Widgets, Social

A tool for sharing elements with other social media users, from other websites 

Facebook Connect

Widget, Social

Connects users on social medial

The Owner accepts no responsibility for the content or veracity of the information and privacy policies of third party cookies.

5. Web Analysis - Google Analytics 

This Website may make use of Google Analytics, a web analysis tool provided by Google, Inc., a company with headquarters at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA ("Google"). This tool helps the website Owner determine the level of user involvement on the Website and provides reports which the Owner can consult regarding the ways Users interact with the Website for the purpose of optimising it. Google Analytics gathers this information anonymously; that is, it informs the Website Owner of trends without providing user identification.

Google Analytics uses its own "cookies"—text files stored on your computer—in order to track User interaction on the Website. These cookies store information about parameters such as the time the website was visited, if the User has visited the website on previous occasions or which website recommended the User to visit this particular Website. Its browsers do not share first party cookies from the same domain.

Any device or computer terminal connected to Internet has an individual number assigned to it known as the “Internet Protocol address” or “IP address”. Since this number is normally assigned by country, IP addresses are often used to identify the country, state and city from which access to the internet is being made. Google Analytics records and stores the IP address of Users who visit this Website in order to provide the Owner with information about world locations from which the Website is being accessed. This method is called “IP geo-localisation”. Google Analytics does not provide any information regarding the actual IP address itself.

Google Analytics´ conditions of service prohibit tracking or obtaining personal data which would lead to personal identification (ex. name, email address, invoicing details or other related data) through Google Analytics or by associating personal information with web analysis data.

The Owner may control the amount of information that Google can use and decide whether it wants Google to use this data or not, indicated on the options menu for sharing data with Google Analytics, which then serves to improve Google´s products and services.

With the aim of offering Users greater options about Google Analytics data gathering, a disabling function has been devised for Google Analytics browsers. This complementary function indicates to Google Analytic´s  JavaScript code (ga.js) that the information about the Website visit must not be sent to Google Analytics. However, this does not prevent information from being sent to the Website itself or to other web analysis services. The User may object to the handling of his/her data or information or disable the use of cookies by adjusting the appropriate settings on his/her browser. However, the User must be aware that if these functions are disabled, he/she may not be able to fully utilise the Website functional features.

By accessing this Website, the User consents to having his/her data handled by Google and the Owner in the manner and for the purposes described above. To obtain more information about this tool and Google´s privacy policy, Users are asked to click on the following link:

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page, and/or update the Privacy Policy modification date below. Policy changes will apply only to information collected after the date of the change.