About Us

Wines & Spirits Academy (WASA) is a platform that specialises in Wine, Spirits and Beer education – ONLINE !

WASA offers wine and spirits massive open online courses to facilitate this learning process, and the very best in the industry will share their learnings with you. Be a part of WASA and strengthen your fundamentals of wine tasting.

WASA has created unique associations with several regional wine and spirits inter-professionals to offer more in-depth programmes that will cater to specific needs.

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Our aim is to make wine and spirits education affordable. Our partner institutions across the world have supported us to create a platform that is affordable and of high quality.


The design and pattern of all our courses have been structured keeping in mind the users. We work hard every day to make the interface user friendly and enjoyable.


We want to break down the barriers for access to knowledge. Learning shouldn’t be restricted by your location, but should be brought to your location. Come aboard WASA and we will bring the best of the world of wine and spirits right to your computer screens.

Industry endorsement

All our online courses come with a certification. Associate courses are certified by the regional associations themselves. Your endorsement comes from some of the most prominent names and institutions in the industry!

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Get certification courses by renowned associations and professionals from across the world.

MOOC’s for wines and spirits education

Upon registering for the WASA course you will get access to all the other advanced/ specialised courses offered by our partner institutions.