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Right glass for the right wine


Right glass for the right wine

Wine is undoubtedly great on its own but sometimes, it’s good to just switch things up. Wine cocktails have been in existence for years but weren’t too well accepted as mixing wine with other things was ridiculed. As the F&B industry is becoming more and more open to new things, wine cocktails are gaining their rightful place back in the spotlight.

At times same wine tastes different at home to what it tastes at a fine dining restaurant. and why is it so? The answer to this is restaurants serving wine are very careful to what glassware they use. The most suitable glassware does great justice to the wine and the aromas, flavors, tannins and acidity and its complexity are enjoyed to the fullest.

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Following is the description of the right glass for different types of wine,

Red wine

Red wine is best served in a big wine glass. The bowls are larger and rounder with larger opening rim. It allows a person to smell the aromas easily. Such a glass is recommended as it lets wine interact with the air (oxygen) and eases the complex aromas and flavours of the wine.

There are 2 famous types of red wine glasses easily available,

Bordeaux glass is taller but the bowl is not as large as the traditional red wine glass and due to its height it allows wine to directly flow back to the mouth to taste the intense flavours of heavier red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot).

Burdundy glass is not as tall as the Bordeaux glass, but its bowl is larger leading the wine to the tip of the tongue and it is suitable for lighter wines (Pinot Noir)

White wine

The glass is deep U shaped and elongated, to maintain the temperature and maintain the aromas in the wine. For younger whites the opening of the glass is larger which allows the wine to flow to the tip and sides of the tongue to experience the sweet fruity notes. The glass for mature wines is taller to let the wine reach back of the tongue to taste intense flavours.


Rose wines are served in two types of stemmed glasses – short bowl with a tapered opening and short bowl with a flared lip for younger, crisper wines. Rose can also be tasted in white wine glasses.

Sparkling wine

A Sparkling wine glass is famously known as a flute. It is narrow glass as it helps to retain the bubbles and flavor of the wine.

Dessert wine

It is a smaller glass to taste the sweetness and high alcohol content better. Such glasses are also suitable for fortified wines.

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