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En Primeur


En Primeur: Wine Futures

En Primeur is famously known as “Wine Futures’’ and is a trade name from Bordeaux, France. It means buying wine when it is still in the barrel, prior to being bottled. The wines are showcased in small barrels and is then tasted by wine trade professionals.

An opening price is decided by the winery (usually grand cru classe) for a certain portion of their total production. This proportion of wine is sold to wine brokers who further sell it at En Primeur offer prices. The wines are bottled and delivered a few years after, when the vintage is released in the market.

Advantages of En Primeur

  • It provides an instant source of cash to the vineyard, which they would otherwise receive only once the bottle is sold.The collectors and buyers get the lowest market offer price in the form of En Primeur.
  • The collectors get the wines directly from the Chateau ensuring safety and guarantee of the origin.
  • There is potential for growth in value as the wines at En Primeur are at their youngest age and has maximum maturity time.
  • A great opportunity for investment purposes especially in wines which are highly sought after and reaping higher profits.

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